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The EU and the UK will constitute two separate markets and two distinct regulatory and legal spaces. This will create obstacles in both directions to the trade of goods and services, and to mobility and cross-border exchanges.
The European Commission has prepared a Q&A document on the new Trade and Cooperation Agreement.

Withdrawal Agreement

The Withdrawal Agreement remains in force, protecting among other things, the rights of EU citizens and UK nationals, the financial interests of the EU and, fundamentally, peace and stability on the island of Ireland. The full and opportune application of this agreement is an essential priority for the European Union.

The European Commission has prepared a frequently asked Q&A document on the rights of EU and UK citizens under the Withdrawal Agreement.

Other points of information for citizens

Spanish citizens in the United Kingdom can obtain information from the Spanish Embassy in London and from the British authorities on the actions to take. The Spanish Embassy has a specific service through the Brexit One-shop Window ( ) to answer specific enquiries, organise informative meetings and offer tailored advice on post-Brexit registration formalities.

You can also obtain useful information on the web page of the British Government.

Useful information for British citizens in Spain can be found on the web page of the British Embassy in Madrid.



Voting Rights

National Insurance, Healthcare and Health Professionals

Education and Universities


Electronic Communications and Audio-visual Services

Air and Maritime Transport

Financial Services

Judicial Cooperation

Registry Entries

Driving Licences

Professions and Civil Service

Consumers and Users

Research and Innovation

Cross-border Workers

Non official translation

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