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I am a researcher in the United Kingdom. How will Brexit affect me?

The United Kingdom (UK) has introduced the EU Settlement Scheme for EU citizens that wish to continue living, working or studying in the United Kingdom, who will be able to obtain a permanent residency permit (Settled Status) or temporary permit (Pre-settled Status).
The UK will apply its own immigration rules for citizens of European Union (EU) Member States. According to the information provided by the British Government, the United Kingdom will guarantee certain rights to EU citizens that are resident in the UK at the withdrawal date who can register under the EU Settlement Scheme.
Spanish researchers can get in touch with the Brexit One-stop Window at the Spanish Consulate-General in London with any enquiries they may have. The Association of Spanish Scientists in the UK is one of the agencies that this office is in contact with on an ongoing basis to improve this communication.

How will Brexit affect Spanish research groups that take part in programmes under Horizon 2020?

The United Kingdom will take part as an associate country in all parts of the Horizon Europe programme and the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation through a financial contribution to the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. Although this does not prejudice the current position of Spanish research groups in regard to access to these programmes, it may affect those Spanish groups that habitually take part in consortia headed up by bodies in the United Kingdom. At least initially, and until the circumstances of the UK's participation are clarified, this leadership must be replaced either by institutions from other countries, or take this on themselves. In addition, it should be taken into account that the European Union has indicated that the conditions for eligibility for projects must be maintained during their full duration, as well as the minimum number of Member States that participate in the projects.

Will Brexit affect the functioning of the major international research bodies?

In the case of international research bodies, such as CERN, EMBL, ESA, ESO, etc., no significant changes are expected, given that they are not EU institutions.

Will Brexit affect the functioning of European research infrastructures (ESFRI)?

As regards the EU research infrastructures contained in the European Strategy Forum for Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) roadmap, the United Kingdom, as a third country, will see its possibilities of taking part under a situation of equality with the rest of the EU countries affected, particularly as regards the distribution of the rights and obligations of participant States, which will depend on the agreements established. Special attention should be given to the European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC), which cannot have its headquarters in the UK.

What impact will Brexit have on the industrial return for Spanish companies in specific programmes of research infrastructures (fusion, fission, space)?

It is not expected that the industrial return of the major international research bodies will be affected, particularly those bodies that are governed by the "just return" procurement rules, such as the European Space Agency (ESA). The UK will continue as an associate country in the EURATOM Research and Training Programme, and may participate in both direct and indirect actions in the fields of fusion and fission, financed by this programme based on the conditions of application to any other associate country. The UK will maintain its association with the ITER and F4E Joint Undertaking.

What impact will Brexit have on the UK's participation in the upcoming Horizon Europe Framework Programme?

The United Kingdom will take part as an associate country in Horizon Europe as from its adoption. The participation of UK research bodies and groups in Horizon Europe will be subject to the financial contributions made by the UK, applying the conditions of access that are determined in the work programmes. These may exclude, in duly justified cases, the participation of UK bodies in rounds of proposals in order to protect the strategic interests of the EU. The participation of UK bodies is excluded from the European Innovation Council Fund, aimed at financing aid from the EIC Accelerator of this council through financial instruments and its participation in the capital of companies.

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