Health and the Pan American Health Organisation will continue to strengthen mutual collaboration in favour of people's health

News - 2023.11.13

Miñones and Barbosa agreed on the need to continue strengthening the ties of collaboration between the EU and the Region of the Americas in areas such as donation and transplants, the fight against addictions, the response to HIV and its stigma, tuberculosis and malaria, and the promotion of the 'One Health' perspective.

The possibility of intensifying existing coordination through potential agreements with the FCSAI Foundation in the field of international cooperation, nutrition, training of health professionals and the promotion of healthy lifestyles was also discussed.

The meeting was also attended by the Secretary of State for Health, Silvia Calzón, and the director of the CSAI Foundation, Óscar Díaz, who explained the work of the organisation attached to the Ministry of Health in Latin America.

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