The total is 2,880,582

Unemployment falls by 42,409 in June and employment stability continues to be consolidated

News - 2022.7.4

With respect to June 2021, unemployment fell by 733,757 people (20.3%).

Stable recruitment consolidates

The total number of contracts registered in June was 1,768,988.

Recruitment follows the trend of previous months. A total of 783,595 permanent employment contracts were registered, accounting for almost one out of every two new contracts (44.3%) in a month previously marked by temporary contracts. It is five times the average number of permanent contracts for this month.

Permanent contracts in June were divided into 312,824 full-time, 178,092 part-time, and 292,679 permanent seasonal, depending on the length of the working day.

The change in the trend in stable hiring is particularly evident in sectors such as agriculture and construction, and also favours the younger age group.

Unemployment by autonomous community

Unemployment fell in all the autonomous communities except Andalusia, where it increased by 6,345 people to a total of 764,802.

Unemployment by sex and age

Female unemployment fell by 17,167 persons (-0.99%) in relation to May, standing at a total of 1,723,815 women, the lowest figure in June since 2009.

Male unemployment stood at 1,156,767, a decrease of 25,242 (-2.14%) men.

Compared to June 2021, male unemployment fell by 334,962 (22.45%) and female unemployment by 398,795 (-18.79%).

Unemployment of young people under 25 rose slightly in June by 1,289 people (0.64%) compared with the previous month. Unemployment fell among those aged 25 and over by 43,698 (-1.60%).

In year-on-year terms, the fall in unemployment among young people under 25 is the steepest.

Unemployment by economic sector

With respect to May, registered unemployment fell in Services to 41,017 (-1.99%), Industry to 7,148 (-3.95%) and Construction to 4,981 (-2.15%).

Unemployment increased by 8,863 (6.42%) in Agriculture and by 1,874 (0.76%) in the No Previous Work group (0.76%).

Benefits in May

There were 1,675,407 existing beneficiaries at the end of May.

Total benefit expenditure in May 2022 was 1.59 billion euros.

In May 2022, the average monthly expenditure per beneficiary - excluding the agricultural subsidy in Andalusia and Extremadura - was 973.5 euros.

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