Spain has performed more than 8.5 million PCR tests since start of pandemic

News - 2020.9.21

Between 11 and 17 September, the regional governments have increased their capacity to perform this type of diagnostic test by 8.7%. In addition, the PCR rate performed to date has risen to stand at a rate of 182.22 PCR tests per 1,000 inhabitants.

In addition to the PCR diagnostic tests performed, the regional governments have also reported a total of 2,351,698 rapid antibody tests, at a rate of 49.93 tests per 1,000 inhabitants - a rise of 0.9% on the previous week.

Furthermore, 886,085 antibody blood tests have also been performed, at a rate of 18.81 per 1,000 inhabitants, 15.2% up on the previous week.

In total, 11,820,505 diagnostic tests for COVID-19 have been performed since the start of the epidemic, of which 820,643 correspond to the week from 11 to 17 September.

It is noteworthy that in the last week the figures published have been updated to 10 September as a result of the consolidation of the records of the regional authorities. Accordingly, the total number of PCR tests at that date is 7,899,400 instead of 7,674,033, as we reported in the previous press release. Furthermore, the number of rapid tests amounts to 2,351,698 instead of 2,320,953 while the number of antibody blood tests was correctly reported.

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