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Economic operators

Monday 18 March 2019

At any event, the United Kingdom will become a third State on 30 March 2019. This means that economic operators should use the time leading up to that date to study the rules governing trade with Third States and prepare themselves.

The European Commission has prepared a summary with key points for companies to consider in the short-term scenario, covering the supply chain; certificates, licences and authorisations; customs rights and taxes; and rules of origin and import restrictions.

Also in order to help companies, the European Commission has prepared a "Brexit checklist" and set up a specific website with practical advice and recommendations.

Customs Guide For Businesses

Press release

If you or your company has trade relations with the European Union, you can also visit the websites of the various ministerial departments to see any additional information that may be available:

Tax Agency

State Agency of Tax Administration

Ministry of Development

Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism

Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food

Ministry of Culture and Sport

Ministry for Economy and Business

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