High Commissioner for Spain Entrepreneurial Nation

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Spain Entrepreneurial Nation Strategy

Presented by the Prime Minister in February 2021,the Spain Entrepreneurial Nation Strategy is a cornerstone for our country's economic and social transformation. The Strategy includes 50 measures to transform the production base of the Spanish economy.

This Strategy aims to generate a new economic model based on innovative entrepreneurship, on the sectors driving Spain's production, and on inclusive development to leave no one behind.

Spain Entrepreneurial Nation represents a key element in the design and coordination of a set of projects included in the structural reform and investment programme of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.

The goals

The Strategy sets out to achieve four main goals:

  • Investment. The aim is to increase the maturity of investments in Spain and close the gap with respect to similar countries in the region.
  • Talent. The aim is to promote measures to attract, retain and develop the top professionals, making Spain a haven for talent.
  • Scalability. To increase the opportunities for our companies to be able to scale up, so as to consolidate fast-growing sectors and create quality jobs.
  • Entrepreneurial Public Sector. The aim is to transform the public administration into a nimble Public Administration, which generates favourable regulatory frameworks and promotes projects that even the riskiest of venture capital funds would not be capable of promoting.