Pedro Sánchez receives Gabriel Boric and recalls that Europe and Latin America are called to maintain a strategic alliance

President's News - 2023.7.14

Moncloa Palace, Madrid

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has received the President of Chile, Gabriel Boric, at Moncloa Palace on his first visit to Europe and just a few days before the EU-CELAC Summit in Brussels. As part of the Spanish presidency of the Council of the EU, this high-level meeting will bring together heads of state and government from both sides of the Atlantic for the first time since 2015, and will be a historic opportunity to continue fostering and perfecting this multilateral relationship.

This view of the meeting was expressed by President Sánchez, who also stressed that both Spain and Chile share the will to work together to give a definitive boost to the establishment of a renewed relationship between the EU and Latin America and the Caribbean. "We believe that Europe and Latin America are called to maintain a strategic partnership that is mutually reinforcing for the two regions," he reiterated. Pedro Sánchez emphasised that this historic meeting in Brussels will mark a turning point in relations between the two regions, founding a mechanism for permanent dialogue and consultation at different levels. He also referred to the pending trade agreements, reaffirming his will that this summit should provide the necessary political impetus to accelerate the green, digital and social transformation of Latin America and the Caribbean.

With regard to the ratification of the EU-Chile Modernised Association Agreement, the President of the Government today conveyed to the President of Chile that Spain is making every effort to ensure that this agreement is concluded during this six-month period, stressing that its implementation will translate into greater prosperity for our citizens.

The two leaders also discussed economic relations between the EU and Chile, highlighting recent initiatives to strengthen cooperation in areas such as the development of raw materials like lithium, and the promotion of joint green hydrogen projects. "These are two industries of enormous importance that mutually reinforce each other, as they contribute to Chile's economic development and to the EU's open strategic autonomy," Pedro Sánchez underlined. In this context, he conveyed to President Boric Spain's willingness to take part in these areas of collaboration, offering technical assistance and the experience of its companies.

The meeting was also an opportunity for the two leaders to address global issues, such as the invasion of Ukraine. In this context, Pedro Sánchez thanked the President of Chile for his permanent commitment to peace and in favour of democracy, freedom and the defence of the principles of the UN. "It is essential that we continue working to achieve a just and lasting peace in Ukraine that comes about as soon as possible and is respectful of the principles set out in the UN Charter and international law," he said, recalling that Spain and Chile share the same vision of the conflict and will work together in international forums in defence of peace.

Spain and Chile, a solid and consolidated bilateral relationship

Pool Moncloa/Fernando Calvo

The President of the Government highlighted the excellent bilateral relationship between the two countries, recalling that Chile is one of the six countries with which Spain maintains a strategic relationship in Latin America. To further strengthen this relationship, an agreement was signed today to relaunch political consultations between the two countries to address in depth issues of common interest. Spain and Chile have also signed agreements in areas such as cybersecurity, film and audiovisual cooperation, and democratic memory.

"Based on this unity of action, we have much to contribute to the prosperity and well-being of our citizens, to the rapprochement of our regions, and to the construction of a safer and more sustainable world," said President Sánchez.

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