The President of the Government of Spain discusses with the CEO and President of Ericsson the commitment to our country's digitalisation

President's News - 2022.11.22

Moncloa Palace, Madrid

The company has reiterated its firm commitment to accelerate the global digital transformation, which will be driven by its R&D centres, including the one located in Spain. During the meeting, they reviewed the investment opportunities offered by the Recovery Plan and the government's priorities in digitalisation, telecommunications and industrial policy, and in particular the Strategic Project for Economic Recovery and Transformation (PERTE) in microelectronics and semiconductors, which will mobilise more than €12 billion.

The President of the Government of Spain has expressed the Executive's unquestionable commitment to digitalisation through measures to support telecommunications operators, such as aid for the deployment of 5G networks with €1.4 billion from the Recovery Plan and the extension of the duration of spectrum licences to 40 years, the maximum allowed by European regulations.

The Executive is committed to attracting international talent through initiatives such as the Startups Act, aimed at boosting Spain's attractiveness as a digital ecosystem. The large number of highly qualified professionals and the extensive network of research centres in microelectronics, such as the Institute of Photonic Sciences and the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre, are proof of Spain's great potential in this field.

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