Pedro Sánchez visits the funeral chapel of María Teresa Campos

President's News - 2023.9.5

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La Paz Funeral Home, Madrid

After visiting the funeral chapel of María Teresa Campos, who died in the early hours of last night in Madrid, the chief executive declared that she was a woman who transcended her time, breaking many glass ceilings and communication systems and innovating in her programmes, always with respect and commitment.

"She was endearing, a woman totally committed to her time and a reference point that transcends the world of communication itself; a multifaceted woman who set an example regarding many things", the president stressed, adding

that she was committed to society and to equality between men and women, paving the way for women journalists and representing many generations.

On behalf of the government, the president expressed his condolences to her family and his gratitude because the journalist "did a lot of good for Spanish society".

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