Sánchez meets with the CEO of GlobalLogic, who announces the creation of software centres with 3,000 engineers

President's News - 2023.1.16

Moncloa Palace, Madrid

GlobalLogic is Hitachi's subsidiary specialising in advanced software and has chosen Spain, specifically Valencia and Malaga, to locate its first two operations centres in southern Europe in 2023. Subsequently, it will also expand its activity to Madrid and Tarragona.

In his meeting with the Chief Executive, the head of the multinational underlined the company's commitment to Spain and to digitalisation, while Pedro Sánchez highlighted the strengths of our country with its high added value human capital.

The president also reiterated Spain's important attraction for international talent, following the approval of the law on startups. He also emphasised the government's commitment to the digitalisation of our country in areas such as 5G, semiconductors, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and the data economy. Our country is one of the most digitised countries in the EU and has the opportunity to support these investments through the European funds of the Recovery Plan.

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