Pedro Sánchez visits the areas affected by the fires in Aragón and calls for "extreme caution in the face of the new heat wave in Spain"

President's News - 2022.7.20

Ateca (Zaragoza)

Sánchez has acknowledged the land devastated by the fire and has called for "extreme caution in view of the difficult and tough days ahead in this heat wave".

Sánchez has conveyed the executive's firm commitment to extinguishing the active outbreaks and the subsequent restoration of the affected areas. "This government is committed to restoring the day-to-day life of the affected towns as soon as possible; we are going to put all the necessary resources into restoring these places," the president stressed.

Likewise, the chief executive insisted on the need to "turn environmental policies into State policies" in order to face the challenge of mitigating and adapting to climate change. "This has nothing to do with ideologies, but with a reality, with a climate emergency that the planet is experiencing," he said.

Sánchez took the opportunity to send a message of "solidarity and recognition to all the public servants who are fighting the flames" and highlighted the value of institutional coordination and the government's commitment to "strengthening the welfare state so that our public servants have the necessary guarantees to do their work effectively and safely to protect their own lives".

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