Pedro Sánchez receives recommendations from the Citizens' Climate Assembly

President's News - 2022.6.6

Moncloa Palace, Madrid

This assembly is a pioneering exercise in deliberative democracy in our country, bringing together a group of 100 citizens to reflect on the climate emergency and reach a consensus on a package of recommendations and proposals.

Around 40 citizens and 15 experts were present at the ceremony to present the conclusions of the report, which was drawn up by the Citizens' Climate Assembly, to the President of the Government of Spain. The text includes 172 recommendations, framed in 58 objectives and organised in five main blocks: consumption; food and land use, communities, health and care, work and ecosystems.

The assembly's set of recommendations aims to provide a societal vision on how to accelerate the fight against climate change. Assembly members have been debating and working on these recommendations since last December. According to the regulations governing this initiative, the document must be submitted to the Government and the Lower House of Parliament to facilitate decision-making on climate change policy and also to bring the debate to economic actors and society in general.

The assembly's mandate has been to develop proposals for a safer and fairer Spain vis-à-vis climate change, with less greenhouse gas emissions and less vulnerability to the risks of the climate emergency, bearing in mind the principles of solidarity and social justice.

This initiative of a deliberative nature has its origins in the Declaration on the Climate and Environmental Emergency in Spain of January 2020, which included among its commitments the strengthening of participatory mechanisms, and which was enshrined in the Law on Climate Change and Energy Transition.

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