The President of the Government of Spain welcomes the Prime Minister of Finland at La Moncloa

Sánchez and Marin agree to strengthen cooperation between Spain and Finland

President's News - 2022.1.26

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The Chief Executive, Pedro Sánchez, welcomed the Prime Minister of the Republic of Finland, Sanna Marin, at La Moncloa on her first official visit to Spain. The government heads, who demonstrated the good relationship between Spain and Finland, discussed bilateral relations and issues on the intense European and international agenda. Both social democratic governments are committed to the social and feminist dimension of political action and to bringing a progressive approach to the European agenda through dialogue.

The president of the Government of Spain underlined: "Spain and Finland are more similar than an analysis based on the geographical dimension alone would conclude. Today's meeting has allowed us to see that."

During the meeting, the leaders also noted that, in relation to climate change, they both agree on the urgency of carrying out the green transition, both as a collective objective of the EU and as a national necessity. With regards to the digital transition, Sánchez stressed the importance of taking into account the demographic challenge of large areas of national territory and the reality of islands - two characteristics also shared by Spain and Finland.

The similarities between the two countries are conducive to strengthening ties and cooperation through various initiatives. In this regard, taking advantage of the commitment of both governments to the 'Next Generation EU' funds and the common points of the respective recovery plans, Sánchez and Marin have agreed to collaborate on digitalisation issues in order to "transform our economies with a reformist spirit to which we are fully committed".

Spain and Finland are also the external border of the European Union, something which, as Sánchez stressed, "makes us better understand the complexity of neighbourly relations and reaffirms our pro-European conviction". The Spanish and Finnish governments share the need not to approach issues such as climate, green taxonomy or the Pact on Migration and Asylum from a bloc perspective. "The pandemic has taught us to work on the basis of what unites us and to visualise the spaces that lead us to benefits and to the common interest," Sánchez emphasised.

Trade relations between Spain and Finland are eminently industrial, especially when it comes to semi-manufactured products, machinery and intermediate goods. Although there are few Spanish companies in Finland, a group of them are currently collaborating to develop the country's wind energy sector by installing state-of-the-art turbines. One example of an area where the two countries could deepen their relations is in start-up collaboration, health and microelectronics.

The good relations are further evidenced by the more than 750,000 Finnish tourists who visited Spain each year before the pandemic. As the President pointed out: "The Finns know our country well and know that we are a safe destination."

Foto: Pool Moncloa/Fernando CalvoIn the multilateral arena, Sánchez and Marin have committed to promoting in multilateral fora the defence of shared values, such as the promotion of gender equality, the UN's 'Women, Peace and Security' agenda, and dialogue as a solution to disputes and mediation efforts.

Another of the topics discussed by the two leaders was the forthcoming NATO Summit, which Spain is set to host on 29 and 30 June 2022. Finland, although not a NATO member, has been a member of the Alliance's Partner Group since 2014. During the joint press conference, Sánchez pointed out that Spain and Finland will continue to work together in the European Union to constructively address current debates, such as the security situation on the continent and on the Ukrainian border.

"Spain supports the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. Today, the Finnish Prime Minister and I share the concern about the evolution of events, as well as the conviction that now is the time for diplomacy, détente and dialogue," the President of the Government stressed.

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