The President of the Government of Spain receives the President of the Dominican Republic at Moncloa Palace

Pedro Sánchez conveys Spain's continued commitment to the Dominican Republic to Luis Abinader

President's News - 20.1.2022

Sánchez stressed the "unbeatable platform" that FITUR represents for consolidating the commitment to the tourism industry on the international stage and promoting the values of the Dominican Republic as a tourist destination.

In this context, the Spanish president highlighted the "rapid and effective" management by the government of President Abinader of the tourism crisis resulting from COVID-19 and the "excellent" coordination with the private sector, described as "exemplary" by the World Tourism Organization.

Support for the private sector has been "fundamental" for Spanish companies established in the Dominican Republic, particularly those in the tourism and hotel sectors, "which continue to be committed to the country" and willing to increase their investments as a preferential destination.

Spanish companies in the tourism sector account for 70% of the total investment in the industry in the Dominican Republic, which contributes 17% of the country's GDP.

Fotos: Pool Moncloa/Borja Puig de la Bellacasa/Fernando CalvoPedro Sánchez also congratulated Luis Abinader for the management carried out during the pandemic, including the National Vaccination Plan, which has placed the Dominican Republic second in Latin America.

Spain has been advocating that EU efforts to share vaccines should include Latin America. Our country is the second largest donor in Latin America. "It is vital to continue working to ensure that vaccines reach everyone," stressed President Sánchez.

Pedro Sánchez highlighted the positive results of the mechanisms established between Spain and the Dominican Republic, such as the Working Group on Trade and Investment - created in 2019 and which will meet in February 2022 in Madrid, accompanied by a Business Meeting - or the Political Consultation Mechanism, set for 2021.

The President has conveyed that Spain maintains "a continued commitment" to the Dominican Republic to Abinader. He also expressed our country's confidence in being able to "continue to promote the economic and commercial dimension" of "excellent relations", which are full of historical and symbolic content between the two nations.

Ibero-American Conference

Both Pedro Sánchez and Luis Abinader shared the need and validity of the Ibero-American Summits, as well as the consensus in decision-making within the SEGIB. He also defends dialogue, respect for human rights, democratic values and freedom within the Ibero-American sphere.

Fotos: Pool Moncloa/Borja Puig de la Bellacasa/Fernando CalvoThe Dominican Republic will host the Ibero-American Summit in 2023. President Sánchez has conveyed Spain's support to President Abinader during his term in office, with an "essential" focus on an effective and sustainable economic and health recovery. "Without sustainability there is no future", Pedro Sánchez stressed, arguing that a sustainable recovery that seeks to "mitigate the adverse effects of the challenges we must face in the coming years, such as climate change, must have increased resilience at all levels" in public social protection: health, education and housing systems as one of its priorities.

For his part, Luis Abinader has shown a particular interest in learning about the Spanish education framework. In particular, the reforms introduced by Pedro Sánchez's government in pre-primary and pre-university education - through the Organic Law for the Modification of the LOE - and those incorporated into vocational training with the new Vocational Training Law.

In this respect, it has been agreed to maintain close collaboration in order to exchange experiences, taking Spain's educational model as a reference.

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