The President of the Government of Spain receives the NATO Secretary General at Moncloa Palace

Sánchez announces that the NATO Summit will be held in Madrid on 29 and 30 June "at a historic moment for the organisation"

President's News - 8.10.2021

The President of the Government of Spain said: "For Spain, it is essential to strengthen relations between NATO and the European Union in order to reinforce the Alliance's responsibility in the field of human security, covering aspects such as the fight against climate change and issues related to women, peace and the security agenda, which will be crucial for security and stability in the coming decades.

During the meeting, Sánchez stressed the importance of the Summit in Spain for the future of the Alliance, as the new NATO Strategic Concept will be adopted in Madrid. The Government of Spain is committed to an Alliance that maintains its essence, especially with regard to collective defence, crisis management and cooperative security.

In this regard, President Sánchez underlined: "We must develop a common vision in the face of new challenges and equip ourselves with the necessary tools to defend that vision. Among these challenges, the president included the worsening security situation in North Africa and the Sahel, and called for NATO to increase its engagement on Europe's southern flank.

In addition to working on strengthening partnerships, Sanchez stressed the importance of the public dimension in making the Summit a success. For this reason, Spain will include a series of events with the presence of civil society in order to "engage in an in-depth dialogue".

President Sánchez concluded his speech by stressing Spain's commitment to Stoltenberg in ensuring that the Alliance "finds a solid balance, based on trust among Allies, on which to lay the foundations for NATO's future".

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