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Videoconference between the President of the Government of Spain and the Secretary General of NATO

Moncloa Palace, Madrid, Friday 4 June 2021

Sánchez and Stoltenberg discussed the future of the organisation through the NATO 2030 initiative, which aims to make the Alliance more political and more global, capable of addressing aspects such as resilience and climate change.

The Secretary General also discussed Spain's position with regard to the emerging challenges and new actors on the international stage and the way in which the allies should face them.

Sánchez pointed out "the importance of the strategic moment we are living in" and the transcendence of the Alliance as a forum for dialogue and cooperation with our partners, with special emphasis on the EU.

During the meeting, the President of the Government stressed "Spain's commitment to allied values and principles, and our country's active contribution to the operations and missions carried out by NATO".

Jens Stoltenberg thanked Spain for its contribution to Global Security and to the Atlantic Alliance in particular.

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