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Sánchez stresses Spain's commitment to the green transition with the COP26 president

Moncloa Palace, Madrid, Wednesday 12 May 2021

Pedro Sánchez also shared with Sharma the experience of organising COP25 in Madrid.

As an example of its commitment, Spain has today joined the 'Powering Past Coal Alliance', an initiative led by the UK and Canada for governments, companies and organisations to accelerate the transition from coal to clean energy and to commit to stop using this fuel by 2030. In this regard, Sánchez stressed: "A just transition is at the heart of our priorities. We have seen significant progress in terms of phasing out coal while preserving social cohesion and peace in mining regions, an experience that could be very useful for others".

Spain, among the most active countries in the EU in terms of ecological transition policies, will invest more than 40% of the Recovery Plan funds on these issues, to reduce our country's energy dependence and create between 250,000-350,000 jobs.

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