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Leaders Summit on Climate

"Spain's experience proves that a just ecological transition is possible", says Pedro Sánchez

Moncloa Palace, Madrid, Friday 23 April 2021

At the session entitled "The economic opportunities of climate action", inaugurated by President Biden, Pedro Sánchez outlined the three keys employed by the Government of Spain to ensure a just ecological transition to world leaders.

The leaders of the 17 countries responsible for close to 80% of emissions and of global GDP were invited to the Summit, together with those countries that are proving to be strong climate leaders, are particularly vulnerable to climate impacts or are mapping out innovative paths towards a zero-emission economy.

The President of the Government underlined three fundamental ideas contained in Spain's initiatives - a country that has made the ecological transition a priority. "Climate action must place people at the heart of action". Secondly, he set out the "extraordinary opportunities" for the economy offered by this transformation, and stressed that "an ambitious climate action must be based on a sound regulatory framework".

As regards the first idea, the President of the Government stressed that "Spain's experience proves that a just ecological transition is possible" and argued that "this must be achieved through social dialogue". The government is currently working with the regions affected to attract more innovative projects, such as cutting-edge renewable energy, renewable hydrogen and energy storage.

The National Energy and Climate Plan, in relation to the second initiative, will offer opportunities because it will mobilise 230 billion euros in Spain over the next 10 years, will reduce energy dependency, will save lives (by reducing premature deaths due to pollution by 25%) and will create between 250,000 and 350,000 jobs. The government's commitment can be seen in the fact that our country will invest 39% of the 140 billion euros under the European Recovery Funds on issues related to the ecological transition.

Lastly, as regards the regulatory framework, Spain presented the National Adaptation to Climate Change Plan in 2020 and signed up to the Declaration of Climate and Environmental Emergency. It was also one of the proponents of the initiative, approved by the European Council, to increase the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by the year 2030, as a preliminary step to achieving climate neutrality by 2050, also contained in the Climate Change and Energy Transition Act.

President of the Government Sánchez concluded his speech by underlining the need for a global effort to combat climate change. "We must act together, we must act now, and we must not leave anyone behind".

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