23rd Conference of Regional Presidents

Pedro Sánchez highlights role of regional governments in implementing Recovery Plan projects

President's News - 2020.10.26

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Upper House of Parliament, Madrid

In his speech, the President of the Government stated that the aim of the Conference is to coordinate the Recovery Fund so as "not to fail families, companies and workers, wherever they may live". He also announced that the National Budget for 2021, the draft of which will be presented on Tuesday for its approval by the Council of Ministers, will include an advance payment of 27 billion euros under this Fund.

Accordingly, the government wishes to contribute to the speedy reactivation of the economy, urging the regional presidents to promote, within the framework of the Recovery Plan, projects and programmes in line with the goals of this instrument, which help structure their regions.

The President of the Government referred to the regional powers most linked to key areas under the Plan, such as housing, education, social policies, active employment policies and the environment.

It will be in these areas that the regional governments can directly implement the projects and programmes they present, once approved. To this end, framework agreements were firmed up between the ministerial departments involved and the regional governments, "mobilising the private sector" as planned around the "regional priorities that must be in line with national and European priorities". According to the government's initial estimations, this scenario translates into some 50% of the projects under the Recovery Plan being implemented by the regional governments through their powers.

Accordingly, the President of the Government mentioned such areas as the sustainable rehabilitation of housing, to which end 4.35 billion euros will be allocated. Secondly, environmental policies and investments, with an allocation of 2.5 billion euros. Thirdly, education policies, which will have an allocation of more than 7 billion euros. Fourthly, "the new care economy", which is a key element in the transformation of the country in terms of its economic reactivation and its competitiveness for the government, based on equal opportunities, inclusion and co-responsibility. The investment in this area will amount to 2 billion euros. And fifthly, the modernisation and digitalisation of the public authorities, to which end the President of the Government explained that 600 million euros will be allocated to the digitalisation of regional governments and local authorities. This item will be implemented through specific rounds of proposals, whereby common guidelines will be established to present digitalisation projects for regional and local services.

Justice Plan 2030, Rule of Law

Pool Moncloa / Fernado CalvoThe President of the Government also reported on the strategy in the field of justice, in which he announced that the government will push through a public service of efficient and better quality justice through the Recovery Plan. The measures provided will benefit more than 14 million citizens resident in 5.200 municipalities through a set of initiatives designed to consolidate digital justice.

This Rule of Law strategy involves the creation of new judicial offices in municipalities, and the development of legal initiatives that offer "full legal certainty" and "legal validity" to judicial actions by video-conference, among other key new features so that the public justice service contributes to the recovery and to economic growth.

State of emergency

The President of the Government also referred to the fight against the health pandemic, in a scenario marked by the recent declaration of the state of emergency in Spain, which allows the regional presidents to adopt decisions with full legal certainty.

In this context, the President of the Government reiterated his confidence in Spain's ability as a country which abounds in talent and the necessary resources, and once again called for unity between tiers of government to achieve the common goal of saving lives and reactivating the economy.

In his speech, given by video-conference from the Upper House to the presidents of the 17 regional governments and the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla, Pedro Sánchez was accompanied by the Speaker of the Upper House, Pilar Llop; the Third Vice-President of the Government and Minister for Economic Affairs, Nadia Calviño, and the Ministers for the Treasury, María Jesús Montero; for Territorial Policy and Public Function, Carolina Darias, and for Foreign Affairs, Arancha González Laya.

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