Coronavirus COVID-19. EU-27-Western Balkans Summit

Spain reiterates its commitment to Western Balkans in its fight against COVID-19

President's News - 2020.5.6

Moncloa Palace, Madrid

The President of the Government reiterated Spain's commitment to and solidarity with the Western Balkans in its fight against the pandemic and underlined its support for the "European perspective" of the region, encouraging countries that make up the region to develop the reforms necessary in line with European values and principles, which are "key for the stability of our continent", he said. The rule of law, the fight against the climate emergency, energy efficiency and the digital economy are all aspects that Pedro Sánchez pinpointed as key.

Pedro Sánchez highlighted Spain's good relations with Balkan countries, as well as the economic power and strategic value of the region, highlighting the European Union's position as a priority partner.

Pedro Sánchez also underlined the importance of promoting regional integration and cooperation in order to develop policies that consolidate reconciliation and collaboration between neighbouring countries, which are "also essential elements for strengthening the European perspective of the region", he stated. In this regard, the Government of Spain welcomes the appointment of the Special Representative of the European Union for the Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue, and encourages both parties to make progress designed to achieve a consensual and lasting solution.

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