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Pedro Sánchez receives President of Supreme Court and of General Council of the Judiciary

Moncloa Palace, Madrid, Wednesday 12 February 2020

The General Council of the Judiciary is the constitutional body that exercises the governance functions of the judiciary, and which oversees the guarantee of independence of judges and magistrates.

The annual report that is drafted and published each year offers a complete vision of its main actions and contains the needs it considers to exist on matters of personnel, installations and resources for the correct performance of its functions.

For its part, the annual report of the Supreme Court allows the activities of this body over the course of the year to be reviewed. This is the highest court in the legal system, covering civil, criminal, administrative and labour law matters, with jurisdiction throughout the country.

The document contains a detailed analysis of the number and type of cases lodged in each one of its divisions, as well as those cases pending, specifying the year in which they were brought, all as at 31 December. The document also sets out the measures considered necessary to correct the deficiencies brought to light.

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