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Pedro Sánchez asserts that government will spare no resources to alleviate effects of 'Storm Gloria'

Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, Thursday 23 January 2020

At the end of his visit to Maresme and to the Ebro Delta in Catalonia, and then to the village of Capdepera in Majorca, Pedro Sánchez asserted that the government will spare no "resources, efforts and will" in catering for the needs that arise in the short and medium term, and undertook to carry out all the procedures swiftly and to work in "loyal cooperation, shoulder-to-shoulder" with the regional governments.

The aim, said Pedro Sánchez, is to re-establish normality as soon as possible and provide the response that the residents, companies and businesses damaged, particularly in tourist zones, "deserve and need", as high season begins in just a few months.

Pedro Sánchez expressed condolences on behalf of the government over the victims of the storm and his hopes of finding the three people who remain missing. The President of the Government also thanked the State law enforcement agencies for their hard work, together with third sector organisations, NGOs and local residents to guarantee safety and attend to and provide help to those affected.

The President of the Government warned that climate change exacerbates the consequences of this type of adverse meteorological phenomenon and pointed out that it is necessary to incorporate this evidence into the table of decisions of the public authorities, as well as provide education so that both citizens and the economic sector develop a "culture of prevention and safety" in this regard.

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