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First interview with Pedro Sánchez following his investiture as President of the Government

Moncloa Palace, Madrid, Monday 20 January 2020

In his first interview after being invested as President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez stressed on the News 2 programme on Spanish Television (TVE) that this must be the legislature of social, territorial and inter-generational dialogue.

The President of the Government announced the upcoming Council of Ministers will approve a 2% wage hike for public servants, thus complying with the agreement reached with the trade unions on this matter. Pedro Sánchez argued that the measure is only fair, is broadly backed by Spanish society and, in the same way as the pension rise, shows that the government adopts policies to benefit the social majority of the country.

As regards territorial matters, the President of the Government announced that he will travel to the headquarters of the regional governments to meet with all regional presidents so as to address the real problems facing citizens. He will also propose a meeting with Regional President Torra for the first week of February to the Regional Government of Catalonia.

Pool Moncloa/Borja Puig de la BellacasaPedro Sánchez also remarked on the importance of approving the National Budget, a goal the government wishes to achieve before the end of the summer.

The President of the Government also reiterated the commitment to increase the minimum wage in this term of office to the equivalent of 60% of the average salary in Spain and advocated fostering social dialogue so that business owners and trade unions, depending on growth and productivity, can set the rate of this rise.

As regards the parental veto, Pedro Sánchez stressed the government's opposition and argued that this is a problem made up by the far right in order to avoid talking about the concerns of the Spanish people and to break the consensus on the comprehensive education of students.

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