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Inter-ministerial Committee for Brexit meets at Moncloa Palace

Spain, ready to handle a no-deal Brexit

Moncloa Palace, Madrid, Thursday 5 September 2019

One of the priority aims of the plan is to protect the interests of Spanish and British citizens who exercise their right to free movement prior to the withdrawal date. To this end, measures are included on residency, social security and healthcare, employment, the exercise of professions, education, universities and consular assistance, among others. Another aim is to maintain the normal development of Spain's trade flows and economic interests, with measures on customs, controls associated with the trading of goods, subsidies to help prepare companies, financial services, and air and land transport, among others.

At the meeting, each ministerial department reported on the regulatory measures, the provision of personal and material resources and communication actions adopted in their respective areas of jurisdiction, which resulted in an overall assessment that Spain is ready to handle any negative consequences of a no-deal Brexit.

Working group and meeting of CARUE

At this meeting, it was agreed that the working group, attached to the Inter-ministerial Committee for Brexit, should meet every week to thoroughly monitor the implementation of the latest details included in the contingency plans, and ensure that Spain addresses a potential no-deal withdrawal under the best possible conditions.

Lastly, cooperation will be stepped up with the regional governments and a meeting will shortly be called of the Conference of Affairs Related with the European Union (Spanish acronym: CARUE), chaired by the Acting Vice-President of the Government, so as to notify the progress made and address this final period until 31 October in a coordinated fashion in the event of a hard Brexit.

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