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Pedro Sánchez accepts commission from King to form government

Moncloa Palace, Madrid, Thursday 6 June 2019

After concluding the round of consultations, pursuant to Article 99 of the Spanish Constitution, that the King has held with the representatives appointed by the parliamentary forces to propose a candidate to the Presidency of the Government, Pedro Sánchez appeared at Moncloa Palace. "I have conveyed my intention to His Majesty the King to accept the commission he offered me, as a direct consequence of the mandate expressed by a majority of the Spanish people on 28 April in the general elections", he stated.

The Acting President of the Government remarked that he accepts this commission with honour, gratitude and responsibility, and with the aim of forging broad consensuses and entering into dialogue with all the political forces within the constitutional framework. "We must all do our part so as to form a government as soon as possible and to set this legislature in motion to address the challenges our country is facing", he stated.

Pedro Sánchez announced that he will begin the round of formal contacts next week with the leaders of the three main parties - plus with the party he heads up - because they will be decisive in facilitating or blocking the investiture in the Lower House of Parliament.

The Acting President of the Government also announced the four main pillars he will propose to the Lower House to ensure that Spain advances in terms of social justice in the new legislature: the ecological transition and the mitigation of climate change, boosting the digitalisation of the economy and of the education system, the fight against inequality, and strengthening the European project.

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