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Pedro Sánchez and Stefan Löfven commit to solidarity and cooperation in Europe

Enköping (Sweden), Wednesday 5 September 2018

​At their meeting, the two leaders shared their progressive vision and their pro-European vocation to defend the fundamental values that maintain the European Union and their wish to work together to find solutions to the main challenges that affect Europe, such as Brexit.

Following their meeting, Pedro Sánchez expressed his admiration for the Swedish Government for the leadership it showed in advocating and promoting the social pillar in Europe as "a priority of both our governments" and "which has served as a source of inspiration for many European governments", They both agreed to work together to achieve full work-life reconciliation and in the fight against labour exploitation.

Pedro Sánchez and Stefan Löfven declared they were in complete agreement on another of the main European challenges - migration. The two leaders are committed to a global approach that combines the common responsibility and solidarity of all States and which is based on the key pillars of dialogue and cooperation with the countries of transit and origin and respect for human rights.

The meeting between the two leaders served as a build-up to the upcoming informal meeting of Heads of the State and Government of the EU on 20 September in Salzburg (Austria), which will host the summit and which currently holds the Rotating Presidency of the European Council.

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