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President of the Government and German Chancellor display similar pro-European stances

Pedro Sánchez and Angela Merkel to work on shared roadmap to address common European challenges

Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Cádiz, Saturday 11 August 2018

As well as the excellent relations between the two countries, Spain and Germany share the same goals on migration and are committed to a global approach that combines solidarity and responsibility based on three principles: dialogue and cooperation with countries of transit; boosting development cooperation in countries of origin, and respect for the rights of refugees and migrants.

In this regard, they stressed the importance of not only working together on the arrival of migrants on the European shores but of also working on controlling the secondary movements of these people in an improved manner. To that end, they consider that this requires both solidarity and the assumption of responsibilities by the EU and its different Member States.

This informal meeting in Doñana National Park takes place just a few days following the two governments signing a bilateral agreement on migration, which precisely came into force on Saturday.

Key role of Morocco

Pool Moncloa/Fernando CalvoThe President of the Government underlined the role of Morocco, key in protecting the external borders not only of Spain, but of the whole European Union. Its collaboration has been particularly effective in fighting the people trafficking mafias.

Accordingly, Pedro Sánchez and Angela Merkel agreed on Saturday on the need for a greater commitment to the Trust Fund for Africa, from which provides the funds that are specifically allocated to Morocco to manage its borders.

At this meeting they also addressed the reform of the Economic and Monetary Union from a pro-European approach and from the conviction that prevention is better than the cure - a lesson learned in the recent economic crisis. For the President of the Government, steps must be taken to introduce a European Budget, complete the Banking Union and set up the European Deposit Insurance Scheme.

However, these measures should not push to one side the social pillar, which is the hallmark of the European project. Pedro Sánchez considers that the more visible Europe is in terms of equality of opportunities, gender and dignified work, the sounder the support from citizens will be for a project threatened by extremist discourse.

The meeting was used to take stock of the recent NATO Summit. They stressed that the framework of NATO is compatible with the defence of Europe and the goal of moving towards greater European strategic autonomy.

Place of great historic value

Pool Moncloa/Fernando CalvoThe President of the Government and the German Chancellor toured the Palace of the Guzmanes which was the backdrop to this meeting and viewed its pictorial heritage and interior design, as well as its gardens, laid out back in 1541. They also enquired after its extensive historical archive, comprising more than 6 million documents, one of the oldest in Europe.

The stay by Angela Merkel and her husband at Las Marismillas, where Pedro Sánchez and his family are spending a few days on holiday, will allow them to view the beauty of the Doñana National Park and its marshes, the largest ecological reserve in southern Europe. They will also be able to see the work underway to defend threatened species such as the Iberian lynx.

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