Mariano Rajoy and Narendra Modi boost bilateral relations between Spain and India

President's News - 2017.5.31

Moncloa Palace, Madrid

In his speech, Mariano Rajoy praised the Indian Prime Minister for the "broad raft of economic reforms" he is pushing through in his country to ensure "good governance" and "a more developed and knowledge-based economy".

The President of the Government underlined the importance of India for Spain, as shown by the fact that it is our third largest trading partner in Asia. He also highlighted that "bilateral relations are on the rise and increasingly better", and thus hopes that the visit by the Indian Prime Minister to Spain will serve to boost this collaboration even further.

Mariano Rajoy also announced the signing of a document to serve as a guide "to develop relations at a political, security, economic, scientific and technology level". He also reported that, during the bilateral meetings to be held on Wednesday, other issues on the international agenda will be addressed as well as purely bilateral issues.

Spanish investment in India

Mariano Rajoy, Narendra ModiPool Moncloa/Diego CrespoPrime Minister Modi, as well as thanking Mariano Rajoy for his "warm welcome", expressed his interest in tackling issues with the President of the Government of Spain relating to the global and European situations and international terrorism.

On another note, Nasendra Modi claimed that the economic progress in India, "a huge country", offers many opportunities and, to that end, invited Spanish companies to take part in the renewal and modernisation of infrastructures, sectors in which Spain is "highly competent at a global level".