Mariano Rajoy receives British Prime Minister

President's News - 2016.10.13

Moncloa Palace, Madrid

The acting President of the Government listened to the proposals made by the British Prime Minister to put into effect the decision by the United Kingdom to leave the European Union.

Mariano Rajoy recalled that the unanimous position of the other 27 Member States of the EU is not to commence any form of negotiation until such time as the United Kingdom officiously notifies its decision to leave the European Union.

The President of the Government reiterated to Theresa May his regret over the British decision and informed her of Spain's priorities in response to this undesired situation. In this regard, he explained to her that he will defend the interests of our country and, in particular, the rights of Spanish citizens and companies to ensure that they will not be prejudiced by the new situation. He also explained to her that he will defend the European integration project because Spain considers that an effective and increasingly integrated EU also forms part of defending its national interests.

Mariano Rajoy informed Theresa May that in the same way as Spain will defend the interests of its citizens, those British citizens resident in Spain, the millions of tourists who visit each year and the British companies established here can remain calm in this regard. He also stressed that Spain aspires to maintain close and friendly relations with the United Kingdom in the future, both at a bilateral level and within the framework of the EU.

Mariano Rajoy also expressed to the British Prime Minister that Spain will support the integrity of the United Kingdom and will not foster any form of secessionism in regard to its exit from the EU.

This is the first official meeting between Mariano Rajoy and Theresa May since the British Prime Minister replaced David Cameron at the head of the British Government in July.