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Statements by President of the Government upon arrival at European Council

Brussels (Belgium), Friday 17 July 2020

I believe that this is a very important European Council, I would even say historic, since this is an unprecedented situation we are going through. This is the worst pandemic that humanity has suffered - just look at the figures in America, and also in other parts of the world - in the last 100 years. And consequently, all Member States, all European leaders, have been called here today and tomorrow to reach a good agreement, firstly for our fellow countrymen who are not only suffering from the health consequences but also economic and social consequences of the pandemic, and hence I believe that we are obliged to reach an agreement.

This agreement must propose a Recovery Fund that transforms our economies into much more resilient, greener, more digital and inclusive economies where not just territorial but also social cohesion form part of its main goals.

So Spain attends this European Council with the aim of reaching an agreement and clearly to defend our national interests in the field of agriculture, and also as to how we perceive the governance of this Recovery Fund, and as to the policies on which this Recovery Fund must focus, with a constructive approach to reach an agreement among us all.

Thank you.

(Transcript edited by the State Secretariat for Communication)

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