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Reception for Women's Basketball Team, Eurobasket 2019 champions

Moncloa, Monday 8 July 2019

PEDRO SÁNCHEZ, Acting President of the Government.

Good afternoon.

In short, it is very difficult to express my emotions. Firstly, pride, which I believe not only fills those of us here, those who know you best - your families, the technical staff, those people who as the President of the Federation, Jorge, said before, are backstage but who also make the sporting success you carved out yesterday possible - but above all, to convey to you the honour and the pride that the whole of Spanish society feels.

Before, precisely when speaking with Jorge, well we wondered what the audience figures were yesterday for a women's basketball match, which had an average share of around 2.5 million TV spectators, with moments of more than 3 million for a game which in the end was even a little boring because, despite being a final, you won it by more than 20 points, something which is somewhat outrageous.

But I believe that, indeed, this shows, first of all, a job well done - as Laia rightly said - the commitment, the sacrifice and the camaraderie that filters through when watching you play. And, moreover, this can also be felt off the court. You are a genuine team because that can be seen in the looks and the complicity between you as you converse with each other.

And thirdly, I wanted to convey to you the inspiration that you are to the whole of Spanish society, through your desire to succeed, to believe in the potential of a team made up of each of its individual parts, which are all of you.

In short, Jorge said before that it was an honour to be here in this palace, but I must say to you, Jorge, to you dear friends, that it is an honour to have you here in this palace, in the home of all Spanish men and women, which is Moncloa Palace.

And obviously I remember just a fortnight ago, when some of us spoke about the goals you had, and let's just look back on the comments you made. You said that you would indeed try and win a medal, but above all, what you wanted was to qualify for Tokyo, for next year's Olympic Games.

Well, you have come home with the gold medal and I am convinced that we will not stop believing in you, and I am also convinced that in the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo you will also come away with the best possible success.

So, good luck. I am genuinely proud to receive you here in your home; enjoy this moment because it is unique. And, above all, I want to pass on to you the pride of the whole country in the Spanish Women's Basketball Team.

Thank you.

(Transcript edited by the State Secretariat for Communication)