Robles discusses with her Estonian counterpart the situation in the Sahel and the Atlantic Alliance's presence on its eastern flank

News - 2023.8.10

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During the conversation, the minister reiterated Spain's firm commitment to the security of the allies on the Eastern flank, to whose defence system Spain makes an important contribution. In Estonia alone, Spain currently has a NASAMS anti-aircraft missile battery and eight Eurofighter fighter aircraft deployed on Baltic Air Policing missions.

Robles welcomed ongoing NATO initiatives to strengthen mutual defence and deterrence, as well as continued military hardware support to Ukraine, successfully coordinated through the European Union and the Ukraine Defence Contact Group (the so-called Ramstein format).

The two ministers also addressed the current situation in North Africa, and specifically in the Sahel region, agreeing that it is extremely worrying for the security of the African and European peoples, and noting that Russia - also through the Wagner group - is taking advantage of the instability of local governments, which is why the European Union, and NATO too, must remain vigilant and committed in Africa.

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