Call for the COP28 Generation initiative to integrate young people into the Spanish delegation at the next Climate Summit

News - 2023.5.9

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The Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge (MITECO) is launching the COP28 Generation initiative to integrate the voice of young people into the international process to combat climate change.

Under the conviction that young people must be consolidated as key actors in international climate conferences, and aware of the need to break the intergenerational gap and strengthen the capacity for dialogue and justice between generations, the Spanish delegation will continue with the successful experience of 2022 and will once again integrate two teams of young people in the Spanish delegation to COP28.

The two selected teams will have the opportunity to attend the COP for a week each, to learn first-hand about the debates, perspectives and visions of governmental and non-governmental actors, and to contribute their own ideas to advance the challenges and opportunities presented by climate action.

Applications until 18 September

The two teams of young participants will be selected via an initiative where candidates must present their projects and ideas to contribute to advancing climate action in all areas.

The deadline to submit proposals is 18 September. The full set of conditions for participation, the submission form and the registration form for the information session can be found on the website Cop28 Generation.

COP28 in Dubai

The United Nations Climate Summit 2023 (COP28), to be held in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) from 30 November to 12 December, will have among its priorities the conclusion of the first global stocktaking of the Paris Agreement. This is an exercise to assess collective progress towards the objectives set out in the agreement. This first "global stocktaking" will be key to defining the future multilateral climate change agenda.

In this context, identifying and disseminating "success stories" of innovative, inspiring and effective experiences in mitigation, adaptation and support for climate action is essential to strengthen the paradigm shift that is essential for our economy and society.

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