Government of Spain increases public investment in the PERTE for Cutting-edge Health to 1.5 billion euros

News - 2022.11.7

The additional investment announced by both ministers corresponds to initiatives of different ministries involved in the PERTE and to the addendum of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, which is included in the General State Budget Bill for 2023.

Morant said that the PERTE for Cutting-edge Health is a strategic project to make our country a leader in the discovery and production of advanced therapies and their administration through the National Health System. "The Government of Spain has made people's health a fundamental axis for the transformation of Spain through the promotion of research and the strengthening of the National Health System," he said.

Furthermore, the Minister for Science and Innovation has announced that 52% of the public investment initially planned in the PERTE has already been executed.

For her part, the Minister for Health, Carolina Darias, remarked that the Ministry of Health has considered the PERTE as a strategic instrument to strengthen Primary and Community Care since its inception, aligning the Plan for the Digital Transformation of Primary and Community Care with our Digital Health Strategy.

"When we refer to the PERTE for Cutting-edge Health we are talking about a strategic proposal for the country. We are talking about a project whose aim is to improve the health of the population. And this, hand in hand with advances in science and cutting-edge health innovation, through two very powerful channels: on one hand, the scientific fabric and, on the other, the industrial fabric", Darias remarked.

Cutting-edge Health Alliance

The Cutting-edge Health Alliance, chaired by the Ministry of Science and Innovation and the Ministry of Health, includes representatives of public administrations, scientific societies, business and patient associations involved in the PERTE for Cutting-edge Health.

Its aim is to strengthen collaboration and coordination between public and private actors in the health sector to advance the implementation of this strategic project, which is supported by European funds from the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.

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