Another plane with large calibre weapons for Ukraine takes off from Torrejón air base

News - 2022.9.6

Last week, four flights took off from the Rota base (Cadiz), with the support of an allied country. The total shipments of late include 75 pallets of large calibre ammunition.

This morning, the Minister for Defence, Margarita Robles, visited the aircraft before travelling to Cadiz to attend the commemorative events marking the 5th centenary of the first round-the-world voyage, and spoke with the crew.

Also today, in response to an express request made by the Ukrainian Defence Minister during the last ministerial meeting in Prague, the Spanish Ministry of Defence sent a truck with medical supplies.

Likewise, in response to the urgent request of the Ukrainian authorities for material and uniforms for winter conditions, twenty trailer trucks have already left our country with the material prepared throughout the month of August by the Army's PCAMI. Ten of them have already arrived in Poland and another ten are in transit.

As Minister Robles pointed out to her EU counterparts at the Prague ministerial, all these shipments are an example of Spain's determined and sustained support for the Ukrainian people over time.

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