Agriculture, Fisheries and Food promotes Food from Spain at NATO Summit

News - 2022.6.30

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food today hosted a breakfast at the Teatro Real, presided over by Her Majesty Queen Letizia, at which those accompanying the Heads of State and Government who are meeting at the NATO Summit, which is being held this week in Madrid, were able to sample "Food from Spain".

During breakfast there was also a guided tasting of the three extra virgin olive oils that received awards in the last edition of the Alimentos de España awards, in the three categories of sweet green fruity, bitter green fruity and ripe fruity.

Those accompanying the NATO Heads of State and Government were able to discern the subtle differences that characterise olive oils, a star product of Spanish gastronomy due to its quality and variety, and which is a fundamental element of the Mediterranean Diet, an intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

The tasting included the tasting of the organically produced oil O'Oleum de la Vía Verde, from the Agropecuaria Ecológica Sierra de Alcaraz mill in Alcaraz (Albacete); the oil Oleo Subbética, belonging to the Priego de Córdoba Protected Designation of Origin and presented by Marín Serrano el Lagar, from Carcabuey (Córdoba); and the oil Castelanotti, from Agrodelpa, from Córdoba.

Likewise, the Ministry has given one thousand attendees at the summit a selection of Spanish foods, winners of the "Alimentos de España" awards or with Designation of Origin, such as extra virgin olive oil, tuna in olive oil, table olives, PDO Pimentón de la Vera and PDO Calasparra rice, so that they can take them back to their countries of origin and in this way make known part of the rich heritage of our gastronomy.

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