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Inter-territorial Council of National Health System agrees specific measures for areas with significant community transmission of coronavirus

Monday 9 March 2020

At present, only the Region of Madrid, the city of Vitoria and the town of Labastida are in this situation.

Among others, they include the following distancing measures at schools and places of work:

1. Measures at schools and other education centres:

a. Temporary suspension of classroom-based teaching activity at all levels of education (universities, advanced secondary and obligatory secondary education, primary and pre-school education, nurseries, vocational training and others).

b. Temporary suspension of complementary educational activities.

2. Recommendations at places of work:

a. Working from home (teleworking) whenever possible.

b. Review and update of labour activity continuity plans in case of emergency.

c. Flexible hours and consideration of staggered shifts to reduce high numbers of employees present at the same time.

d. Encouraging video-conferencing.

Furthermore, the Inter-territorial Council of the National Health System agreed to include a series of nationwide measures to protect specific population groups in Spain. These include:

1. Encouraging home care for the elderly.

2. Expressly recommending all elderly people who suffer from chronic disease, are pluripathological or have congenital or acquired immunosuppression to limit the number of times their leave their home or residence. At any event, they should avoid busy places where it is impossible to maintain the inter-personal safety distance of at least one metre.

As well as other measures of a more general nature:

1. Avoid unnecessary travel, calling on individual responsibility.

2. Anyone starting to show respiratory symptoms and/or fever should stay at home and avoid visiting health clinics - providing their situation allows this - or their place of work.

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