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Government proposes new Spanish Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy

Friday 28 December 2018

The meeting, held at Moncloa Palace, was attended by the Minister for Science, Innovation and Universities, Pedro Duque; the Minister for Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, Josep Borrell; the Minister for Defence, Margarita Robles; the Minister for the Treasury, María Jesús Montero; the Minister for Public Works, José Luis Ábalos; the Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism, Reyes Maroto; the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas; the Minister for Territorial Policy and Public Function, Meritxell Batet; the Minister for the Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera; the Minister for the Economy and Business, Nadia Calviño; and the Minister for Heath, Consumption and Social Well-being, María Luisa Carcedo, as well as by the Vice-President of the Government.

Pedro Duque presented the Delegate Committee for Scientific and Technological Policy and Innovation with the initiatives on which his department is working in the short and medium term, including the drafting of the Spanish Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy (2021-2028), which is the framework of reference of R&D+i policies, and the State Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation (2021-2024). Both programmes must be ready by 2020.

Furthermore, the Delegate Committee agreed to the creation of the three inter-ministerial working groups to provide a response to three strategic pillars of Spanish society in the 21st century: the implementation of the R&D+i Framework Programme on the EU Europe Horizon, the Blue Economy and Artificial Intelligence.

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