Social Rights and ONCE present a programme to help migrants with severe visual impairment

News - 2024.7.9

9/07/2024. Social Rights and ONCE present a programme to help migrants with severe visual impairment. The Minister for Social Rights, Consum... The Minister for Social Rights, Consumer Affairs and 2030 Agenda, Pablo Bustinduy, during the closing of the event

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Pablo Bustinduy took part in the event 'In the country of the ONCE we can all fit in', in which the new benefits that ONCE, on the basis of the agreement signed with the Government for the period 2022-2031 were resented. The new benefits that ONCE offers to blind, severely visually impaired or deaf-blind people who have emigrated to our country. These are people with severe visual impairment who do not have Spanish citizenship, but are legally resident in our country, and also people who have been granted asylum or subsidiary protection. "When we expand the social rights of specific groups, we advance our society as a whole," said Minister Bustinduy in his speech.

The new programme agreed between the Ministry of Social Rights and ONCE includes that migrants with these characteristics can access the social services of the Spanish National Organisation of the Blind. This means that academic attention will be offered to children with educational difficulties, the promotion of personal autonomy and independent living skills, rehabilitation, employment support or psychosocial support, among others. "In our society there are no isolated struggles, but collective conquests that bring justice and well-being for all," said Bustinduy. The event, which was also attended by the President of the ONCE Social Group, Miguel Carballeda, and the Director General for the Rights of People with Disabilities, Jesús Martín, was held at the head office of the ONCE Directorate General in Madrid.

At this presentation event, several blind and visually impaired people of different nationalities told their stories and explained the care they receive from ONCE. "Blind migrants, foreigners and asylum seekers arriving in our country will be welcomed with opportunities for inclusion," said the Minister for Social Rights.

The new catalogue presented by ONCE is part of the General Agreement between the Government of Spain and ONCE and includes the social work that the Administration has entrusted to the institution, highlighting the commitment to create 25,000 new jobs and train 100,000 people with disabilities this decade.

The Minister for Social Rights, Consumer Affairs and 2030 Agenda, Pablo Bustinduy, together with the participants in the event

Minister Bustinduy called for continued progress in rights for people with disabilities, "we have already achieved the first social reform of the Spanish Constitution, such as the modification of Article 49, what we have achieved is to conquer universal citizenship rights". In this respect, the minister highlighted the express mention that the new Article 49 and this declaration make of women and girls with disabilities, who are now specifically protected in the Constitution. "Spain has already enshrined feminism and inclusion at the highest regulatory level. Now we must honour this commitment with public policies that translate it into the daily lives of people with disabilities," the minister said.

Likewise, the Minister for Social Rights highlighted the work being carried out by the Government of Spain related to disability over the last four years, a period in which funding for policies aimed at this purpose has increased by 468%. Bustinduy specified that this increase represents a total of 293 million euros, destined to meet the objectives set by the Spanish Disability Strategy 2022-2030. He also highlighted the Government's investment in accessibility through the NextGenerationEU funds, "200 million euros, transferred almost entirely to the Regional Governments, which have made Spain a pioneering country in this area", he said.

Finally, the Minister for Social Rights wished to recognise the "exemplary work" done by ONCE, and thanked them for making Spain an "international benchmark" in disability rights and, therefore, for making our country "a democratic, inclusive and fair model".

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