Robles takes part by videoconference in the latest meeting of the Defence Contact Group on Ukraine

News - 2024.5.20

20/05/2024. Ukraine Defence Group. The Minister for Defence, Margarita Robles, during the videoconference of the Defence Contact Group on Ukraine The Minister for Defence, Margarita Robles, during the videoconference of the Defence Contact Group on Ukraine

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Margarita Robles took part by videoconference in the 22nd ministerial meeting of the Ukraine Defence Contact Group, convened by the US Secretary of Defence, Lloyd Austin, and attended by the Ukrainian Minister for Defence, Rustem Umerov.

As usual, participants were first briefed on the situation on the ground, which is currently critical due to the Russian offensive around Kharkov and attacks on Ukrainian civilian infrastructure. This was followed by the presentation of the most urgent needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, as well as their longer-term requirements.

In the ministers' speeches, Robles expressed the collective obligation to "continue to provide with the utmost urgency the support that Ukraine deserves and needs" in the face of the critical situation on the ground.

The minister highlighted the significant efforts already being made by Spain, particularly in the area of training, also reporting on progress in the preparation of the substantial aid package to be provided to Ukraine with the contribution of the Spanish defence industry.

Among other material, Robles referred to the second batch of Leopard battle tanks, confirming their delivery for the end of next month. She also announced the delivery of various types of ammunition, including 155mm artillery and a new shipment of Patriot anti-aircraft missiles, as well as anti-drone systems, optronic surveillance and tracking systems, and remote weapons turrets.

Spain's long-term support to Ukraine will be underpinned by the future signing of a bilateral security agreement with Ukraine.

The minister, who was accompanied during the meeting by Admiral Juan Francisco Martínez Núñez, Secretary General for Defence Policy, concluded by reiterating Spain's commitment to Ukraine for as long as it is required and her appreciation for the effectiveness and unity of the Contact Group.

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