Foreign contributors

The number of foreign national insurance contributors stood at 2.7 million in August

News - 2023.9.19

Since February 2020 - before the impact of the pandemic - the system shows an increase of 467,766 workers from other countries.

This figure in August represents 12.8% of the total number of contributors, in seasonally adjusted terms.

Average contributors

In average terms and without seasonal adjustment, i.e. in the original series, Social Security registered 2,676,528 foreign contributors this month, 18,712 more than in July. Of the total, 876,938 workers come from EU countries (32.8%) and 1,799,590 from third countries (the remaining 67.2%). The largest groups came from Romania (335,291), Morocco (302,934), Italy (182,700), Colombia (170,804) and Venezuela (145,461). Of the total, 55.5% are men and 44.5% are women.

In the past twelve months, the average number of foreign contributors has grown by 9.8%, i.e., 239,037 employed people have been added.

66,117 Ukrainian contributors

Among the various nationalities, there are 66,117 national insurance contributors from Ukraine. This is 18,858 more than in January 2022, prior to the start of the war, representing an increase of 40%.

The majority of workers (87.4%) coming from Ukraine are in the General System, i.e. they are salaried workers, and 12.5% are self-employed.

Systems and sectors

Overall, 83.9% of foreign contributors are in the General System and total 2,245,362. In August, they increased in most sectors of this regime. The highest employment gains were in Household activities (5.9 %), Water supply (1.6 %) and Health care activities (1.6 %). On the other hand, the number of registered workers fell mainly in Agriculture (3.2%), Public Administration (2.4%) and Construction (2%). It also decreased in the Special Agrarian System

(3.9%) and Household (1.1%).

For its part, the self-employed system has 425,153 foreign contributors. Of all the self-employed people from other countries, 14.9% come from China, 10.9% from Romania and 9% from Italy.

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