Pilar Alegria highlights the role of the education community in the European debate on the future of youth

News - 2023.9.18

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The European meeting will be held in the capital of Aragon on Monday and Tuesday. In her welcome, Alegría stressed the key role that the education community must play in the European debate on the future of youth.

Representatives of the State School Council and students will participate tomorrow in the Education working meeting, which will discuss how the contribution of education to common values and democratic citizenship in the EU can be improved.

During the morning, Alegría also visited the CEIP Tenerías in Zaragoza, where she was interviewed by a group of schoolchildren for the TVE programme ClanTV.

The acting Minister for Education and Vocational Training, Pilar Alegría, during the visit to the CEIP Tenerías in Zaragoza

This afternoon, the acting minister will also take part in an informal meeting between EU ministers and students from the Miguel Catalán Secondary School in Zaragoza. In the evening, together with EU ministers and representatives of education and youth and local and regional authorities, she will attend the concert held at the Conservatorio Superior de Música, followed by a Gala dinner on the occasion of the IMM.

For his part, the Secretary of State for Education, José Manuel Bar, will attend the debate with around twenty students from seven secondary schools in Aragon, which will be held in the Parliament of Aragon.

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