The PERTE Naval will subsidise 40 projects among 73 companies with more than €56 million

News - 2023.9.14

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The Strategic Project for Economic Recovery and Transformation (PERTE) for the shipbuilding industry reaches the next milestone with the publication of the provisional resolution, according to which a total of 40 projects involving 73 companies will receive €56.2 million in subsidies. The leading entities in the tractor projects are Navantia and Marina Barcelona.

The PERTE Naval will contribute to the modernisation of the sector in Spain, increasing its competitiveness by around 15% and achieving an annual growth rate of 9% for the sector. It is expected to contribute to the creation of around 3,100 quality jobs, mainly in peripheral regions, thereby contributing to the demographic challenge policy.

For the acting Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism, Héctor Gómez, "these data confirm that the PERTE public-private partnership model works to attract industrial transformation projects in the naval sector. The PERTE model works in a scheme in which SMEs will be the main players".

"This government is committed to quality employment in areas historically hit by industrial crises, such as shipyards. This PERTE will provide jobs in the shipbuilding sector with renewed prestige, higher qualifications and high safety standards, in line with the new technological advances associated with the modern idea of shipbuilding", said the minister.

On 15 March 2022, the Council of Ministers approved the Agreement declaring as a Strategic Project the Economic Recovery and Transformation, the modernisation and diversification of the Spanish naval ecosystem.

On 29 December 2022 the BOE published in the Official State Gazette the Order of Convocation, with a deadline for applications of 13 March 2023.

The PYMAR entity has had a prominent role in stimulating participation in the PERTE Naval and assisting the sector's private companies in this regard.

With the publication of these provisional proposals, the processing of these grants continues and a period for possible allegations is now open.

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