The DGT warns of possible driving licence scams

News - 2023.5.25

In view of the proliferation of Internet pages offering the chance to obtain a driving licence without the need to take any kind of knowledge test, either theoretical or practical, the Directorate General of Traffic wishes to alert the public that this is completely impossible.

In Spain, it is essential to pass a test in order to have a driving licence or, for non-EU nationals who already have one, to exchange it for a Spanish one if you are a citizen of a country with which there is an exchange agreement. At this DGT link you can check if there is an agreement with your country of origin and find out how the exchange should be done.

Ghost websites and mobile phones that don't support calls

The Central Investigation and Analysis Group (GIAT Central) of the Guardia Civil's Traffic Department has been investigating in recent weeks several pages of this type where customer are offered the chance to obtain a "legal" Spanish driving licence simply by paying an amount of money which, for example, in the case of the B licence, amounts to 850 euros.

This type of site usually uses the same procedure to defraud users. They advertise on the Internet, with a mobile phone number as the only means of contact, through which they ask the interested party to send full details (name, surname, ID card number, date of birth, etc.), as well as a photograph of the holder and another of the signature.

Once they have supposedly checked the authenticity of the data, they send the number of the current account into which the requested amount should be paid by bank transfer and, after receiving the payment, they disappear without a trace.

They are usually temporary websites, with Spanish telephone numbers that are not registered in anyone's name, and which do not allow incoming calls, only data, and which are constantly changing so as to leave no trace of their activity.

This type of scam is usually aimed at migrants from third countries who are led to believe that it is possible to obtain a driving licence without taking any prior test, and Traffic Department wishes to make it clear that this is not possible.

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