Meeting with Ukraine's Minister for Agrarian Policy and Food

Planas conveys to Minister Solsky his solidarity and Spain's support for the proper functioning of grain exports from Ukraine

News - 2023.5.23

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In a meeting held by videoconference, Luis Planas stressed the importance of Ukrainian production, especially cereals, for the Spanish market. Last year, agri-food imports from Ukraine rose by 84% to almost €1.9 billion, with maize accounting for almost €904 million.

He also emphasised the importance of the continuity of the Black Sea Agreement, recently extended until 18 July, to maintain exports through this and other channels to keep agricultural markets functioning.

The two ministers also discussed some of the issues to be raised at the next Council of Agriculture and Fisheries Ministers of the EU, to be held on 30 May, which will take stock of the market situation for agri-food products in the EU, and which will pay special attention to the impact of the war in Ukraine. Planas told Solsky that, "next Tuesday, we will have the opportunity to greet each other personally".

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