911,267 Bono Cultural Joven transactions in cultural establishments up to April for almost €33 million

News - 2023.5.22

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The Bono Cultural Joven (Youth Culture Voucher) totalled 911,267 transactions up to March, an increase of 24.82% compared to the total accumulated the previous month. Since October 2022, the total amount of purchases in the almost 3,000 participating establishments throughout Spain has reached €32,907,584, a figure 18.56% higher than that recorded in March. All these transactions have a direct impact on the cultural sector, through the cultural entities taking part in the programme.

During April, the beneficiaries made 181,195 uses of the Bono Cultural Joven. The value of the transactions amounted to €5,152,077 in that one month.

The uses registered up to 30 April were distributed between live arts, with 58.5% of the expenditure; physical cultural goods, representing 30.1% of the total; and digital products, with 11.4%.

Since its launch, the Ministry of Culture and Sport has been collecting and analysing data on the use of the Bono Cultural Joven, which will provide information on the cultural habits and interests of young people in Spain.

In terms of distribution by population size, towns with less than 50,000 inhabitants account for the bulk of the transactions, or more precisely 371,340 uses compared to the 210,772 in cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants; and the 319,424 uses in provincial capitals.

As of 18 May, there were 2,934 member companies (some with multiple sales outlets in Spain), 1% more than in March. This translates into more than 3,000 physical and online points of sale available (see the map here), with a further 69 applications currently in the pipeline. The deadline for companies to apply is still open.

About the Bono Cultural Joven

Once the grant has been awarded, young people have one year to use the 400 euros for cultural products or services. The Bono works with a prepaid card issued by Correos, which the beneficiary can have virtually on their mobile phone or receive physically at home.

With this card they can enjoy cultural experiences and products, which are divided into three sections to ensure diversification of the investment, with the following distribution:

  • €100 for physical products, e.g. books, newspapers or records.
  • €100 for digital products, such as digital press, podcasts or online video games.
  • €200 for performing arts, including theatre, opera, cinema, dance, museums or bullfights.

The objective of the Ministry of Culture with this pioneering initiative is twofold: one, it shows the interest of a broad spectrum of the young Spanish population in culture, with this initiative helping to build their loyalty as a future public and cultural consumer; and two, it provides additional support to the cultural sector to recover from the crisis, with an estimated investment of close to €112 million.

2023 Call

At the proposal of the Minister for Culture and Sport, Miquel Iceta, on 20 March the Council of Ministers approved the Royal Decree regulating the Bono Cultural Joven for 2023. The €400 grant is aimed at the 500,000 young people who turn 18 this year, and can be used for the purchase and enjoyment of cultural products, services and activities. For the second consecutive year, the government is promoting a public initiative that aims to encourage universal and diversified access to culture for young people, generate and consolidate habits of consumption of cultural products, create new audiences, stimulate demand and strengthen and consolidate the revitalisation of the cultural sector in Spain.

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