Miñones describes the end of the health emergency declared by the WHO as a "day to remember"

News - 2023.5.5

The Minister for Health, José Miñones, has described today as a "day to remember", after learning of the World Health Organisation's decision to declare the end of the COVID-19 health emergency, more than three years after it began. "This is long-awaited news that we are delighted to receive," said Miñones, who remembered the people who died from the virus and their families.

The head of health evoked the general public's recognition of the health staff during the months of confinement. "The applause of that time continues to ring in our collective memory, and this ministry and this government will continue to work to ensure that the echo of that applause is the spur to continue strengthening our National Health System, the cornerstone and main line of defence against episodes such as the one we have unfortunately experienced around the world," said José Miñones. Recalling those moments, the Minister for Health expressed his own gratitude and recognition to all health and non-health staff, "without excluding anyone".

Collective work

"If we have come this far, it has been thanks to your efforts, which still continue today", stressed Miñones in reference to the responsible behaviour of citizens. The health minister also had a few words of personal thanks for his predecessors in the post, Salvador Illa and Carolina Darias.

José Miñones recalled that "the end of the health emergency is not the end of the virus". To this effect, the head of health has asked for "prudence" from the public to continue protecting ourselves, and has stated that the Ministry of Health will continue with an active surveillance system.

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