Raquel Sánchez signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Colombia to strengthen collaboration in the development of infrastructure and transport

News - 2023.5.4

In particular, the agreement opens up the possibility of signing specific agreements between Mitma group companies and Colombian public companies and institutions aimed at boosting the sector.

The Memorandum, recognising the good relationship between the two countries, was signed in the framework of the first official visit of the President of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, to Spain, after his inauguration last August.

The MoU's areas of cooperation focus on the development of land transport (road and rail), mobility and the airport sector. In this context, the minister highlighted Spanish companies' strong interest in continuing to work in Colombia's infrastructure sector, a key area for economic revival, reinforcement of social cohesion, development of territories and quality of life improvement.

The areas of collaboration mentioned in the Memorandum of Understanding include:

  1. Planning, design, construction, maintenance and supervision of railway infrastructure, both conventional and high-speed.
  2. Preparation and management of rail traffic operation, train maintenance, workshop design, training of railway staff and rail traffic management systems.
  3. Support in the deployment and commissioning of rail projects and the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS), both on-track and on-board.
  4. Consultancy and technical assistance for preparing railway infrastructure studies and projects, operations and traffic management, acquisition of railway equipment, as well as replacement or maintenance of railway equipment, or improvement of existing railway infrastructure and operations.
  5. Supply of trains, systems and transfer of railway technology in all aspects and areas.
  6. Planning, construction, maintenance and operation of road and motorway infrastructure, with a particular focus on tunnels and bridges.
  7. Support for the development and implementation of policies to improve road safety.
  8. Planning, management, regulation, inspection and digitalisation of the road passenger and freight transport and logistics services sector.
  9. Infrastructure planning, construction and management, including specialised logistics infrastructure and airport services.
  10. Airport economic regulation.
  11. Development of air navigation and air traffic control systems.
  12. Formulation and implementation of public policies and strategies for mobility, sustainable transport and infrastructure.

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