Llop stresses the importance of digitalisation "to overcome the barriers to accessing justice"

News - 2023.3.10

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The Minister for Justice highlighted the importance of digitalisation "to overcome the barriers to accessing to justice" and highlighted the transformation that this sector is undergoing in Spain with the three efficiency laws - procedural, organisational and digital - promoted by the Ministry that she heads.

In this regard, the JHA session addressed the barriers to accessing justice and the challenges faced by the EU in this respect, and highlighted aspects like accessibility or guaranteed access to justice for vulnerable people, such as children, the elderly, people with disabilities or victims of crime.

In this sense, the Minister for Justice emphasised that the efficiency laws her cabinet is working on "put citizens at the heart of the issue, especially in the case of vulnerable groups facing territorial and generational gaps".

War crimes committed by Russia in Ukraine

The session also addressed judicial mechanisms to prevent impunity for Russian war crimes in Ukraine. In relation to this, the European Commission has proposed establishing an international centre for prosecuting the crime of aggression in The Hague, with strategic and operational coordination functions.

Legislative deliberations

In terms of legislative deliberations, the proposal for a directive on criminal sanctions for breaches of EU restrictive measures was discussed, as well as the proposal for a directive on asset recovery and confiscation, which aims to improve and integrate the European Union's legal framework in this area, and to strengthen the regulatory framework for tracing, freezing and confiscating crime-related assets.

Other meetings

During the day, Llop held a bilateral meeting with the French Minister for Justice, Éric Dupond-Moretti; another with the Austrian Minister for Justice, Alma Zadic; and, finally, with her German counterpart, Marco Buschmann, to whom she presented the priorities for the upcoming Spanish Presidency of the Council of the EU in the area of Justice.

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